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SIO-2 JADE Translucent Imperial Porcelain 5KG


Jade is a super translucent porcelain from the city of Jingdezhen, the world capital of porcelain and cradle of Chinese imperial porcelain for 1,700 years. It is characterized by its extraordinary translucency and whiteness. It is ideal for decorative porcelain and tableware. Available in extruded body (moist form). Presented in a practical 5 kg cylindrical format with double packaging.

AED 105.00 (Inclusive of Vat)

Firing range: 1260-1290ºC
Biscuit temperature: 1000ºC
Water content: 24%
Plasticity (IP Atterberg): 9
Carbonate content (CaCO3): 0%
Drying shrinkage: 5.9%
Firing shrinkage (1270ºC): 10.2%
Porosity (water absorption at 1270ºC): 0.0%
Dry bending strength: 2.4 N/mm2
Fired bending strength (1270ºC): 44.0 N/mm2
Thermal coefficient (25-500ºC): 66x10^-7ºC^-1