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Wooden Sketch Portable Drawing Clipboard With Handle .


Drawing boards for artists are lightweight with rounded edges and a thumb handle. It is made to be an ideal substitute for a desk, easel, table, or drafting board.

The art boards for drawing and painting have a built-in metal clip for securing sheets. They also come with a thick elastic band that provides a strong hold. The combination of the band and the metal clamp ensure stability of your work and keep the page flush against the sketch tote board.

Available in 3 Sizes: 18X18" ,A3 and A2 .

SFE0103  (A3) : 46x36.5cm

SFE0104 (18X18') : 45.72cmX45.72cm.

SFEE0102 (A2) : 63x48.5cm

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Size SKU Price Quantity  
A3 SFE0103 AED 27.00
18x18" SFE0104 AED 31.50
No Available Stock
A2 SFE0102 AED 38.00