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Aqua Cast is an environmentally friendly fusion of powder and polymer which only needs the addition of water to make beautiful homeware

We have fused the acrylic polymer additives into one ground breaking powder. All mechanical properties normally found in a traditional powder and polymer mixture remain the same, giving Aqua Cast excellent cured strength.

It couldn't be easier, simply add water, mix and pour.

The guide mix ratio is 100 : 35 (100parts powder to 35 parts water, or 2.8 : 1).

The user can change the water addition to create a lower or higher viscosity (runnier or thicker) to suit the individual application. 

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Size SKU Price Quantity  
3kg 76401 AED 120.00
10kg 76402 AED 245.00

Aqua Cast product mass per kit size

Aqua Cast 3kg powder (equates to 4.05kg usable material)
Aqua Cast 10kg powder (equates to 13.5kg usable material)

Easily coloured with water based pigments such as our eli-chem-resi-tint-acrylic-resin-art-pigment-29.5ml , acrylic paints or mica powders, 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for coasters, ornamental vases, planters, candle holders, soap dishes and detailed figurines
  • Easily pigmented using resi-TINT inks or other water based pigments
  • Ideal for ceramics & textured art pieces
  • Excellent reproduction of detail
  • Can be used to create terrazzo pieces
  • High surface hardness and strength
  • Smooth, impact resistant surface
  • High degree of weather resistance for external applications when sealed

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