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Round Un-primed Birch Wood - Painting Panel


Perfect painting panels available in 5 different sizes for you to choose from.

The Round un-primed birch wood panel has a MDF frame on the bottom for optimal ease of use and handling. 

*Smooth painting surface

*Sanded, ready to prime

*Sturdy MDF

*Ideal for all mediums including resin art.

19mm and Flat 3/4''

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Size SKU Price Quantity  
20 cm Dia SFC3061-20 AED 18.00
No Available Stock
30 cm Dia SFC3061-30 AED 35.00
40 cm Dia SFC3061-40 AED 55.00
50 cm Dia SFC3061-50 AED 85.00
60 cm Dia SFC3061-60 AED 125.00
90 cm Dia SFC3061-90 AED 225.00
No Available Stock

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