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Diamond Painting Mandala Craft Set 2 with Gemstones in Blue, White and Yellow


Create your own Diamond Painting Mandalas now. Elegantly printed on a 30 x 30 cm canvas, these are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in your home.


-1 mandala on canvas (30x30cm)

-1 pin with adhesive pad

-1 tray

-1 set of tweezers

-1 assembly kit

-various acrylic diamonds




1. In the overview table you can see which characters match up with which diamonds. You can also find these characters on the canvas.

2. Remove the protective film from the canvas.

3. Now press the tip of the pin into the extra adhesive pad, then position the corresponding diamonds in the tray and pick them up one by one, using the pin.

4. Start sticking the diamonds to the canvas. While doing this, make sure that the colours match those of the symbols.

5. Use a pair of tweezers to remove a diamond that has been positioned in the wrong place.

6. Once you have finished decorating the mandala, gently press the diamonds down one more time.

AED 55.00 (Inclusive of Vat)

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