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These Clear Plastic Presentation Sleeves are great for protecting your art work, large photographs or important documents. The sleeves are great to use as folder refills and with the holes down the sides, these sleeves are easy to slot into ring binders. This set of five plastic sleeves opens at the top, meaning popping your work into these sleeves is super easy and the clear plastic means you can see your work without removing it. 

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Size Packing SKU Price Quantity  
A4 1X5 SLEEVE-37 AED 15.00
A3 1X5 SLEEVE-46 AED 25.00
A2 1X5 SLEEVE-72 AED 38.00
A1 1X5 SLEEVE-90 AED 70.00

Available in different sizes.

Each pack includes 5 sleeves of the same size.