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Sculpture Clay

  • Grey 1 lb (454 g.)
  • Grey 2 lb (908 g.)

 A smart choice for professional sculpture and model makers. The Clay's density is very high and is amazing at achieving very fine details. it will not dry out after being left in the air and can be worked over again and again. It is a wax-based sculpting clay. 

Special features

  • Soft Clay, as a harder firmness may be difficult to manipulate in that temperature.
  • Don't need another wax. 

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Size SKU Price Quantity  
454g./2 Ib. SC-454-1LB/G AED 27.00
908g./2 Ib. SC-908-2LB/G AED 40.00

How to use

it will temporarily soften with heat and will return to its original firmness when cool.


  • NARA Sculpture Clay is suitable for carving and making prototypes for silicone or plastic molds.
  • Soften the Sculpture Clay before shaping to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Keep in normal temperature.
  • A hairdryer can be used to temporarily soften the plasticine, and 'plumbers freeze spray' can likewise be used to quickly chill and harden it if needed.