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TOTALCAST is a crystal clear high-quality, ASTM certified two-component resin that is well suited for refining works of art and embedding objects. TOTALCAST is also know as the jewellery resin. Working with TOTALCAST is easy, userfriendly and safe.

1:1 mixing ratio by volume or weight
Non toxic and VOC free
Odour free and solvent free
Built in air release agents and moisture scavengers
BPA (Bisphenol) free
UV Stable, no need for HALS or UV blockers

TOTALCAST Clear Art Resin is a hybrid polymer that produces an optically clear, high gloss finish.

Thickness ( 1 layer ): up to 20mm ( max. 3kg in one pour )

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Total Cast art casting Resin has been ASTM certified non-hazardous and non-toxic. UV Resistance: totalCAST utilises hybrid technology to inhibit yellowing.

This epoxy resin system is used to coat and seal artwork on canvas, wood, MDF, glass, perspex, concrete, metals etc. The product can be applied by pouring, brush or roller. The excellent clarity and optical transparency makes the resin ideally suited for the protection and decoration of paintings, sculptures & collages, photos & prints, wood & timber artefacts (clocks and puzzles etc), pendants, bangles & other jewellery items, flower setting and paperweights.

This formulation represents cutting edge polymeric technology and was developed to offer unrivalled user friendliness and a crystal clear result every time. Please be advised although the resins are U.V stabilised this does not mean they are U.V proof. Ultimately all clear epoxy resins will show signs of U.V degradation over time.



TOTALCAST resin and hardener are mixed 1:1 by volume. Pour the two components into a suitable mixing cup.

The mixed components should be thoroughly stirred for 3-5 minutes to ensure an even consistency. Epoxy systems tend to heat up in a pot than as a thin film, only mix the amount needed for use within the pot life of the product. Once your mixture is ready you have 15-20 minutes to work with the resin (Please note temperature has to be ideal otherwise might start to harden faster).

The mixing ratio must be accurately followed to achieve perfect results. It is not possible to change the ratio which would result in the resin not drying properly and lower mechanical properties.


The product can be applied by pouring from the mixing vessel, by brush or roller. The mixed resin can be tinted with resi-TINT pigments, resi-METAL or resi-TINT+ Metallic Powders to make your artwork pop.

Health & Safety

Although formulated with the most modern and safest epoxy chemicals available, all epoxy resins are chemicals and should be managed and handled with proactive safety hygiene and responsible care.

  • Always wear nitrile gloves (or use a specialist resin barrier cream)
  • Wear a respirator when sanding partially-cured resin
  • It is advisable to work in a well ventilated room
  • We advise the use of safety goggles
  • Avoid skin contact (if resin gets on skin wash with plenty of soap & water)
  • DO NOT eat, drink or smoke while working
  • In case of eye contamination wash with plenty of water for 15 minutes and consult medical advice immediately

Adding inks/paints/mica powder/glitter to epoxy resin will change its properties and may reduce its non-toxicity. If you use alcohol inks DO NOT use a flame to remove bubbles, as alcohol is flammable.

Please note this resin has a heat distortion temperature of 45-50°C which makes it unsuitable for the placement of very hot objects on its surface such as cups, mugs, plates etc. UltraCast xt is recommended for higher heat resistance.

Mix Ratio by weight & Volume :100 parts resin to 100 parts hardener
Surfaces canvas, wood, MDF, glass, perspex, concrete & metal
Curing time touch dry in 3/4 hours at 23°C, full cure in 5-7 days
Coverage 1 litre of the mixed product will cover 1.43m²@ 0.5 mm thick (1kg = 1 litre) No more than 3 kgs in
Pot Life 10-15 minutes at 23°C (250g mixed mass)