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Mesco Stretched Academy Canvas


Mesco Academy Stretched Canvas that is 100% Cotton /280gsm with 1.8cm frame edge and is suitable for use with oil, acrylic and other mediums

Acrylic triple gesso primed

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Size SKU Price Quantity  
20x20 cm MES-2440 AED 7.00
No Available Stock
18x24 cm MES-3858 AED 8.00
20x25 cm MES-3859 AED 9.00
20x30 cm MES-2236 AED 10.00
30x30 cm MES-3857 AED 12.00
24x30 cm MES-2430 AED 13.00
20x50 cm MES-2050 AED 15.00
30x40 cm MES-2237 AED 17.00
30x50 cm MES-3860 AED 18.00
40x50 cm MES-2435 AED 23.00
40x60 cm MES-2241 AED 28.00
50x50 cm MES-2238 AED 30.00
60x60 cm MES-6060 AED 35.00
50x70 cm MES-4340 AED 38.00
60x90 cm MES-2239 AED 48.00
80x100 cm MES-3862 AED 65.00
80x120 cm MES-2439 AED 70.00
90x120 cm MES-3863 AED 80.00

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