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Talens offers a wide range of high-quality stretched canvasses. This canvas is made of 100% cotton, weighs 300 grams per m² and offers a fine texture of 21.5 x 19 threads per cm². The edge of the canvas is 2 cm thick. To support its frame structure, this canvas has been equipped with two extra laths that form a cross.


  • Premium quality, made in Europe with FSC-certified wood.
  • Universally prepared for use with oil, acrylic and water-mixable oil colours.
  • Primer applied by hand consisting of one layer of natural glue and two layers of acid-free, acrylic-based gesso.
  • Beading (rounded raised edge) ensures the canvas does not touch the frame.
  • All canvasses are fitted with extra beechwood pegs for re-tensioning

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80x80 cm 95718080 AED 155.00
90x90 cm 95719090 AED 185.00
70x100 cm 95717000 AED 170.00
80x100 cm 95718000 AED 195.00
No Available Stock
80x120 cm 95718020 AED 235.00
No Available Stock
100x140 cm 95710040 AED 380.00
No Available Stock
60x70 cm 95716070 AED 105.00
60x90 cm 95716090 AED 140.00
70x90 cm 95717090 AED 165.00