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Purpose: Durable protection of an oil painting (final varnish). Composition bottle: Synthetic resin, turpentine oil, white spirit. Composition spray can: Synthetic resin, white spirit • Apply when paint film has completely dried (approx. 1 year with normal layer thickness) • Dries in a few hours • Does not yellow • Gives a high gloss • The gloss can be decreased by mixing with Picture varnish matt 003 • Can be thinned with white spirit or turpentine • Clean brushes with white spirit or turpentine • Dry varnish coats can be removed with white spirit or turpentine • Flammable (in spray can: extremely flammable)

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75 ml 24285002 AED 35.00
250 ml 24305002 AED 95.00
1000 ml 24325002 AED 225.00